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"Blessing Our Community by Connecting Our World"


Remember the time when you walked down the street on a cold or rainy day and noticed a woman, or child without a coat?  What about the man with the torn shoes and half of his foot is exposed to the cold?  Do you get the picture?  The truth consumes you because you feel there is no way to help everyone that you see.  So what do you do?  You look away and nothing happens.


There are millions of people on a day to day basis who find themselves in difficult situations – some are hungry, some have lost their jobs, and many have lost everything except the clothes on their backs.  Your heart aches and you want to do something to help, but are the choices you have been offered effective?


You decide to donate clothes and household items to Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Sounds good, right?  Unfortunately, if a person in need goes to these thrift stores, they would have to purchase the clothes and household goods you donated.  This sounds a little unfair, doesn’t it?  The perception is that the current system works; but its ability for true effectiveness is hindered by consumer greed.  Anyone can shop at these stores, not just people needing help.  Basically, your donated items are sold to anyone looking for a bargain.  You might find yourself asking:  “Isn’t there a BETTER way to help those in need?”


It’s Yours For Free-Really is the answer.  Unlike other charities, we don’t sell the items donated to It’s Yours For Free-Really.  We give them away – at no cost – to the very people your donated items were intended to help in the first place!


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